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Teachers overview

"As well as offering a wide range of material for music lessons, Sound Rights is a great resource for cross-curriculum learning, providing links to areas including ICT, enterprise, citizenship and history, in a way that feels accessible and relevant"

(Matt Warren, Music Teacher, Nower Hill, Middlesex).

"Sound Rights is an engaging and informative resource…There's something for everyone, making it the perfect combination for a wet Friday afternoon with Years 7-9!"

(Anna Gower, Head of Music, Monks' Walk School, Herts).

Sound Rights has been developed by UK Music to provide an innovative online music resource to support Key Stage 3/4 learning in Music, ICT, Enterprise, Citizenship, History, and Maths.

As well as providing material to meet the new KS3 music curriculum requirement - focused on the role of music and musicians in society, the music industry and of artists' intellectual property rights - the content maps to other areas of the music curriculum and to a range of other subjects (click on each module heading for more detailed subject specific guidance: The Industry Create  Song ),  as well as cross-curricular themes which can be shared or planned with colleagues in other departments.

These cross-curricular activities include:

- Music Industry and Copyright – industry sectors and stats (Music/Enterprise/ICT/Maths); expenditure and distribution of music purchases (Music/Enterprise/ICT/Maths); creativity and copyright, and sampling (Music/Citizenship/ICT/Design)

- Music and Advertising – the relationship between music and advertising (Music/Enterprise/ICT); creating an advertising jingle (Music/ICT) for a product that could also be designed by the students (Art/Design/ICT).

- Power of Music – research examples (ICT/History), music in social/historical context (Music/ICT/History); music as form of protest/campaign for change (Music/ICT/Citizenship/History); Song Timeline (Music/History/ICT)

In particular, the resource offers creative and engaging activities to help develop core functional skills in ICT: finding and selecting information; and developing, presenting and communicating information.

Soundrights could also be of interest to GSCE and Creative and Media Diploma students, and for any educator or student trying to find out more about music creativity, copyright, and enterprise. It would also be useful for educators working outside the classroom in a music-making and learning environment, or for music creators (non-teachers) going into a classroom setting.

Different sections of the resource can be linked together to enable different areas of the music programme of study to be taught concurrently, deepening the understanding of the relationships between them, while also providing flexibility for different student groups.
For example:
The Create session (music creativity, advertising and copyright), can be packaged with either or both of the relevant areas of the Industry Section - music publishing (Session 1, P.2) and licensing music for advertising and films (Session 1, P.3); and with the Song section - music and moods (Session 3).