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Industry overview

Key Curriculum Links:

KS3 Music, ICT, Enterprise, Citizenship, Maths.

Learning objectives:

This section aims to help students to:  

•    Begin to understand the range and scope of the music business and the interrelationship with their own musical activities and interests.

•    Begin to build a realistic awareness of the career opportunities within the business, including the freelance dimension of employment prospects and the associated commercial and copyright awareness.

•    Develop an understanding of the impact of their music purchasing upon the different parts of the industry, and the sampling process.

This unit consists of 5 sessions: (NB have click-throughs to each session)

1        A general introduction to the music industry

2        Did you know? Facts about the industry

3        What does it cost?

4        My purchase profile

5        My creative portfolio/Where does the money go?

Each session is worded in an instructional way for the student. Approx length of sessions: 50-60 minutes. The intention is that teachers can organise how they use this material according to their own requirements and circumstances.

Within a whole class session students will engage in class discussion as well as having the opportunity to work in pairs or small groups, accessing information and resources online including music industry podcasts.

The sessions could also be used for independent learning within a whole class session, allowing students to work at their own pace, with an agreed time for reporting back either individually to the teacher or at an additional whole class session, where students share their research and findings.

If possible, students should have a file so they can keep their work and the charts that they compile over the sessions.