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Key Curriculum Links:

KS3 Music, ICT, Creativity, Enterprise, Citizenship, Art and Design

Learning objectives:

This section aims to help students to understand:

•    The concept of music as a creative work through various composition activities; and links with the copyright process.

•   How the mood or the style of the music might have persuasive influences on the audience – including on purchasing and brand image, how to source and sample online sounds and styles and how to organise and add their own creative ideas to produce a short extract of music as part of an advert.

•    What copyright means, why it matters, and a basic understanding of how it works.

This unit consists of 4 sessions: (NB have click-throughs to each session)

1.       Songwriting – this may support ongoing work within your existing scheme of work – practical work with one online task

2.       Creating a mood – practical work using SoundJunction (online)

3.       Music and advertising –an on-line task /listening activity

4.       Creativity and copyright – using two podcasts and online research

Each session is worded in an instructional way for the student. Approx length of sessions: 50-60 minutes.

The intention is that teachers can organise how they use this material according to their own requirements and circumstances.

Some sessions involve practical work where students are encouraged to work in small groups, others require students to work individually/ in pairs or small groups to access information as well as making use of resources on line.

Teachers may wish to use the sessions within a whole class session, allowing students to work at their own pace, with an agreed time for reporting back either individually to the teacher or at an additional whole class session, where students share their research and findings.

If possible, students should have a file so they can keep their work and the charts that they compile over the sessions.