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Site users overview

The site contains structured, whole-class sessions, grouped thematically into 3 categories: The Industry, Create and Song.

The overall intentions of and outcomes from using this resource are:

  • to empower students to make informed decisions about how they create and consume music
  • to encourage understanding and raise awareness of opportunities and different careers within the music industry
  • to raise awareness of the value of music to society and the economy

To use the site you will need:  computer(s) with sound and internet access, a projector/whiteboard, printed worksheets (from Sound Rights site), flipchart, and possibly instruments (for music creativity sections).

Each session is based on a time allocation of an average class lesson, 50-60 minutes. The content brings together class sessions, personalised learning, and a variety of audio and audiovisual material.  The areas of the site which could be used for independent learning are written directly to the students and can be used in class sessions, as homework, or extension activities. Students will need guidance and support from the teacher when using these areas online, so it is recommended that the teacher reads and prepares these sessions in advance - printable PDF worksheets are provided throughout the site and in the resource section. There is an easy print facility for each page.

Click on the numbered ‘headphone’ icons to select the relevant session – the icon you have selected will change from black to orange to enable you to see which session you are currently working in. Use the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ (page or session) click-throughs to navigate the pages within and between the sessions.  Parts of the resource also link to one another for maximum flexibility, so links are included where appropriate. Podcasts and samples of music have been provided throughout - to begin playing a track, simply click on the arrow icon.

All the information may be photocopied for use within the school or institution.

We would be interested in hearing your views of the site, how you have used it, and any additional ideas for inclusion – please email us at education@ukmusic.org