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Music and Advertisement


Session 3: The balance between musical creativity and advertising


For students to gain awareness of the relationship between music and advertising/brand identity, the value of music creators' work, career opportunities of music creators and the key role of publishers in the distribution of their work. Also to understand why certain music is chosen to represent certain brands.


    Computers with internet access for tracks and videos


    Task 1

    Work in pairs or small groups. Below are three case studies of how the use of music within adverts/idents has successfully raised the profile of both the product and the music creator.  Brief information is given about each example.

    • Watch each example in turn and make notes about the style of music and what it makes you think of/feel.
    • Discuss the appropriateness of each example for the product it is promoting.
    • Why do you think the brands selected these particular pieces to promote their products?
    • Can you think of other examples of adverts that have used a piece of music in this way?



    Nina Simone - Ain't Got No... I Got Life - Muller yoghurt


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    The Muller advertising campaign “Lead A Muller Life” was launched in 2005. The campaign used Nina Simone’s “Ain't Got No... I Got Life” and particularly the lyrics to her song as a powerful tool to promote their yoghurt and yoghurt related products as being a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. The ad shows people from all walks of life dancing to the music. It gives the impression that the song is being played over an entire city but only certain people are tuning into it, and when they hear it they can't help but dance to it in their own individual way. The campaign greatly increased Muller’s sales and Nina Simone’s single was re-released as a result of Muller choosing it for their campaign. 


    Eagles of Death Metal - Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!) – Nike Euro 2008


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    You may not know the band by name, but you’re bound to know some of their songs. This particular song was used in a Guy Ritchie-directed Nike ad ahead of Euro 2008.

    Their music has also been used on soundtracks for the PS2 game Gran Turismo 4, montages on skate films for Globe Shoes, and the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Project 8.


    Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - Cadbury's Dairy Milk


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    In 2007 Cadbury launched a £6.2m campaign for Dairy Milk, featuring a gorilla playing the drum solo of Phil Collins’ track "In the Air Tonight". The ad was written and directed by Juan Cabral of Fallon London.

    Laurence Green, planning director for Fallon explains: “Chocolate is about joy and pleasure. For years Cadbury has told us that it was generous, through the glass and a half strap line. We thought, don’t tell us how generous you are; show us. Don’t tell us about joy; show us joy.”

    In the 1980s, the song's popularity increased after a nearly complete recording of it was featured in the pilot episode of the American television show Miami Vice. Collins became associated with the show, and even acted in an episode as "Phil The Shill".