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Creativity and Copyright


Session 4: Creativity and copyright 

This section aims to help pupils understand  the importance of copyright from the viewpoint of a creator, and why composers and songwriters rely on copyright for their livelihood.


Internet for podcasts, tracks and videos



“The entire music business is an inverted pyramid. At the top, at the big bit of that pyramid, are the bands, gigs, lighting crews, television shows, magazines and everything else. At the bottom of that pyramid, at its tip, is a song. Without the song, none of the pyramid would exist. So always remember that, when you’re writing a song, you’re the whole reason for the business being there and it’s important to get it right.”
Bill Padley, songwriter/producer with Wise Buddah




Task 1


Listen to the track "Upload" by hip hop artist, Sway at the bottom of this page. He raps -  humourously - about fans sharing his music for free: "If my fans never had a Mac, or a PC, I would have a Jag."


  • What are the main points he is trying to put across to his audience?





Task 2

Work in pairs or individually

Listen to the podcast of Paul Lisberg talking about why copyright matters to the creator, the record label, and the music industry as a whole: “Music copyright is the absolute lifeblood of how we all exist. Protecting copyright is protecting the future of music.”

Make notes as you listen, so that you can answer questions such as:

  • Rights bodies – what are these bodies called? What are their functions?
  • Paul works very closely with his artists. What does he have to say about his role and how does he support Natasha Bedingfield’s work?
  • What does he mean when he talks about making sure her music is heard in the ‘right context’?
You may also like to watch the video on copyright and the video on collecting societies (Roll over images to identify the people talking about copyright and collection societies.)