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Sound Rights is a free online learning resource produced by UK Music, written by professionals in the music industry and music education expert Leonora Davies to answer the national curriculum's new requirement regarding the music industry and copyright. 

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There are lots of activities and information to help music teachers with the new requirement in the KS3 music curriculum (from Sept 2008), “to include the role of music and musicians in society, the music industry and of artistic and intellectual property rights”. The content is designed to be engaging and easy-to-use bringing together class sessions, personalised learning, and a range of great audio and audio-visual resources. The material would also be interesting to GSCE and Creative and Media Diploma students, and for any young person or educator trying to find out more about music creativity, copyright, and enterprise.

Teachers can access structured whole class sessions, grouped thematically into 3 categories.  At points there are suggested links to other subject areas of the curriculum, supporting the cross-curricular aims of the new Key Stage 3, and recognising the unique power of music to help engage young people in wider learning.

This targeted material is supplemented with a range of modules intended for use as independent learning tools. These activity modules can be used by school-based students in class sessions, as homework, or extension activities.

The whole class sessions and the accompanying modules would also be useful for educators working outside the classroom in a music-making and learning environment, or for music creators (non-teachers) going into a classroom setting.

The independent learning activities would also be a valuable source of inspiration and information for young music creators wanting to learn more about song creation, enterprise, and copyright.

Guidance is provided throughout the resource to indicate the suggested level of difficulty of the activities outlined.


We would like to thank the following organisations who have enabled us to enhance this resource with a variety of audio and audio-visual features: 


Broadchart Playtime
Is a unique multi-million track music library available on line and on demand to enable teachers and students to find, listen and learn. We are grateful to Playtime and the relevant music rights collection societies for providing clearance for the 30 second clips of music used throughout this resource.

BBC – Sold on Song; Seven Ages of Rock (Timeline)
Sold on Song - BBC Radio 2's celebration of great songs and song writers with background to the classics, covers versions and song writing guides 7Ages of Rock - A definitive landmark series charting the emergence and re-emergence of rock music as a global force, told through the musicians who have shaped this genre. The website features a timeline for this period.

Sound Junction
Sound Junction is an award-winning site for listening to, exploring, discovering and creating music.

Young Enterprise Quickstart Music
British Music Rights has helped developed this creative enterprise programme, together with a free to access website resource of insightful videos covering key roles and themes across the music industry.