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Session 1 - Introduction to the music industry


This session aims to start students thinking about how music manifests itself in a business or commercial context, and to draw out their existing knowledge via a series of exercises and activities.



  • Flip chart
  • Internet access for video


Curriculum links:
Music (listening)
Media literacy


The music industry

The term 'music industry' covers a huge and diverse range of music-related businesses and organisations. In terms of recorded music, the industry today is dominated by four major labels:




Outside of the 'big four' there are thousands of independent labels, as well as millions of unsigned artists. However, the music industry also encompasses a variety of other areas, from music publishing to concert promotion, management and media.

  •  Here various people from across the industry give their advice on getting into the music business - watch the video: 
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Task 1

  • Conduct a brief general class discussion to find out what the students already know about the music business.
  • In pairs – write down four different jobs you can think of in connection with the music busines eg. concert promoter, manager.
  • Share these initial ideas as a whole class.

Task 2

  • In pairs, how many different kinds of jobs can you think of which contribute to the music industry? Make a list of at least eight. Some of these may have already been covered in Task 1.
  • Share these as a whole class. Teacher compiles list on the flip chart.

Task 3

  • As a whole class watch the video below  – a short interview with an event promoter.

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    • What are five important elements of an event promoter's job?
    • Who will you be working with? Who do you need on your team?
    • What do concert promoters actually do and what is the end result?