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Session 1


For students to understand why brands use music to enhance the appeal of their product, and the impact of music on their own purchasing behaviour. This section also addresses the concept of music as a creative work through various composition activities and links with the copyright process.



  • Internet connection with sound to play tracks and videos

  • Guidance notes for page 3 of this session: link to PDF download version

  • Instruments for accompaniment.

  • Voices


Curriculum links:
Media Literacy


Task 1

Make a list of the shops you use and try to remember what kind of music is played in clothes them

Follow this link to a Financial Times titled 'Shoppers dance to retailers tune'


Can music make you buy certain products and not others?

An experiment carried out in the late 1990s proves that it can:
Adrian North, David Hargreaves and Jennifer McKendrick carried out an experiment in a UK shop to determine the impact of background music on buying. For a number of days they piped in French and German music, alternating between the two.

Result: on French-music days, the French wine outsold the German wine by a ratio of four to one. On German-music days, German wine outsold the French by a ratio of three to one!


Can music change the image of a company?
A study was conducted in a bank to see how alternating between classical and easy listening music affected the atmosphere. 



The bank was perceived as:

  • Less ‘dynamic/upbeat’ when no music was played
  •  More ‘inspirational’ when classical music was played than when easy listening was played or when there was no music.




  • The use of music (or a lack of music) did influence customers' perceptions.
  • There was a positive correlation for each of the 20 adjectives between the rating of the music and ratings of the bank
So -  the more that customers perceived the music as being ‘fun’, the more the bank was also perceived in this way. Therefore the music had added value to the bank's brand.   


Click here for the full research paper. 


Task 2:

  • Listen to each track at the bottom of this page and write down two words which describe the atmosphere that they might create in a business setting. 
  • For each track, think of a business for which you think that track might be appropriate.